Siux Pro Tour Max Padel Racket Bag

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This new Siux Pro Tour Max padel bag is designed for players who like to carry a large amount of sports equipment to their training sessions or matches. The sides of the paletero are rigid to avoid blows and it has compartments to carry the organized material.

Thus, it has a central compartment, two more to store the rackets on the sides, as well as zippered pockets on the sides. It also has a pocket on the top to store small personal items. The back area and the two handles are padded, making it very comfortable to carry as a backpack.


  • Main compartment: Large capacity bag main compartment. Designed to carry all the clothes and accessories you need.
  • Thermo Padel Racket: Side pocket designed to carry a racket that is protected from the outside temperature thanks to the interior thermal fabric lining.
  • Padel Racket: Side pocket designed to carry a racket.
  • Shoes: Pocket at the bottom of the bag to carry a pair of shoes. It has two holes to ventilate the sweat from the shoes and evacuate the sand that may remain inside.
  • Side Accessories: Two pockets on the side of the bag to carry small accessories such as wallet, mobile, keys, etc.
  • Top Accessories: A pocket at the top to carry small accessories such as keys, overgrips, etc.
  • Padded back: Thick padding throughout the back is designed so that the bag conforms to the shape of the back.
  • Padded handles: Padding on the inside of the handles to make the bag more comfortable when it comes to carrying it as a backpack.