Siux Pegasus Revolution 3k

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Harder than the previous version, the Pegasus Revolution 3K has a narrower carbon fiber in its planes, so it achieves a smoother and harder surface, ideal for players looking for more power.

It also incorporates two fiberglass blankets as reinforcement and in the frame area, the Revolution system. This consists of a flat bi-tubular carbon that joins the four-arm bridge, offering greater absorption of vibrations.

  • Shockouts: Small cylinders that are inserted into the holes of the racquets to reduce vibrations by up to 60%.
  • EHR: Eva Ultra Soft High Recovery rubber with 5 laminations. Designed to provide greater speed in the ball output. In addition, it is a rubber known for its high recovery speed after each blow.
  • Bitube Carbon Frame: To provide the racket with more rigidity and resistance, and greater hardness against breakage due to blows.
  • 3K Carbon: Helps achieve a harder and drier hit providing an extra point of power to the racket.
  • Rowing Structure: Siux's own technology increases the lightness and manageability of the racket.


Level Advanced-Professional
Game Type Power
EVA Soft EHR Foam
Carbon 3k- Fiberglass
Balance Medium-High
Weight 355-375g
Finish Matte

Siux Pegasus Revolution 3k