Siux Fenix II 1K

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One of the brand's favorite models, it is a power padel racket, tough thanks to the 1K carbon, but easy to handle from the start for experts.

In addition, one of the most acclaimed aspects in the first version and that continues in the second is the 3D embossed finish, ideal for those who enjoy making topspin shots in a controlled way. The new Fenix ​​II continues to use the 5-ply Black EVA Soft High Recovery rubber that made its previous version so popular.


  • Shockouts: Small cylinders that are inserted into the holes of the racquets to reduce vibrations by up to 60%.
  • EHR: Eva Ultra Soft High Recovery rubber with 5 laminations. Designed to provide greater speed in the ball output. In addition, it is a rubber known for its high recovery speed after each blow.
  • Bitube Carbon Frame: To provide the racket with more rigidity and resistance, and greater hardness against breakage due to blows.
  • 1K Carbon: This is the hardest fabric that we use in our blades, which gives it a harder touch, perfect for the most aggressive players.
  • Rowing Structure: Siux's own technology increases the lightness and manageability of the racket.


Brand Siux
Shape Hybrid
Balance Medium-High
Level Advanced-Professional
Gender Men
Core Black EVA Rubber
Face Carbon 1K
Weight 355-375g
Frame Carbon Twin Tube
Playing Style Power

    Siux Fenix II 1K