Siux Electra ST2 2023

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This new Stupa shovel has a good sweet spot and is very maneuverable. Although it has a hybrid shape, the balance is distributed a little more towards the head. In addition, thanks to its somewhat hard touch, it provides good ball output.


  • Shockouts: Small cylinders that are inserted into the holes of the racquets to reduce vibrations by up to 60%.
  • EHR: Medium Black EVA for strength and durability.
  • Bitube Carbon Frame: To provide the racket with more rigidity and resistance, and greater hardness against breakage due to blows.
  • 15K Carbon: Provides the racket with perfect balance between power, ball output, resistance, and stiffness.
  • Rowing Structure: Siux's own technology increases the lightness and manageability of the racket.
  • Dual Pro Grip: To reduce vibrations


Brand Siux
Shape Hybrid
Balance Medium
Level Advanced-Professional
Gender Men
Medium Eva Black
Face Carbon 15K
Weight 355-375g
Surface Medium
Playing Style Balance (Control - Power)



Siux Electra ST2 2023